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Why are Kevlar shirts important in motorcycle riding apparel?

In this era of science and technology, new inventions are being done to make man’s life easier and more comfortable. Utilizing new technology, the number of accidents on the roads have been considerably reduced. The most important contributing factor that accounts for this decrease is the creation of protective motorcycle riding apparel. That's why to protect himself from serious and life-threatening injuries; a motorcycle rider should have a great stock of protective motorcycle gear.

The parts of humans that need the most protection are the head and the trunk. As most of the vital organs like heart, lungs, stomach, liver are located inside the trunk. For the protection of these areas during a motorcycle ride, jackets and Kevlar hoodies are mostly used in motorcycle riding apparel. But these hoodies and jackets are generally designed to be worn in cold weather. That’s why to offer a cooler and lighter material in motorcycle riding apparel, there is an addition of Kevlar shirts.

Kevlar motorcycle shirts come in various types and designs. They can be worn as casual shirts over motorcycle jeans in motorcycle riding apparel. They can also be worn as protective shirts under hoodies and jackets and also over regular shirts as protective motorcycle gear.

Kevlar motorcycle shirts are made up of Kevlar. Kevlar is a tough synthetic fiber. It is made up of a large number of tightly wound fibers which provide it with ultimate tensile strength. Due to its durability and extensive strength, it is the best material to produce protective motorcycle riding apparel.

Commercially, Kevlar was first used in the early ’70s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. Since then, it is offering its service to produce protective sports gear to prevent athletes from getting serious injuries during sports activities. Nowadays, it is being used to manufacture Kevlar shirts and motorcycle riding apparel.

Following is a list of reasons why Kevlar motorcycle shirts are an important component of motorcycle riding apparel:

• Protection:

Kevlar motorcycle shirts are very protective in nature. They give abrasion resistance and protection from cuts, slashes, and punctures. They wrap all around the rider’s trunk to provide protection against the damage that might result in case of accidental fall.

• Comfort:

Kevlar motorcycle shirts are extensively comfortable for the rider to wear and adorn. They are made up of breathable material that provides ample air space for the rider’s skin. They also don’t cause any kind of allergic reaction to the skin. These shirts also absorb all the moisture produced during sweating. In this way, the rider won’t lose balance due to discomfort during motorcycle ride.

• Flame and water-resistant:

Kevlar used in manufacturing motorcycle riding apparel is also flame resistant and waterproof. So, the Kevlar motorcycle shirts prevent the motorcycle rider from catching on fire due to oil spillage which happens most probably during on-road accidents. The water resistance also keeps the bike rider dry during long rides in rainy weather.


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