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What is the importance of Kevlar motorcycle pants in women biker apparel?

In this world of rapidly growing feminism, women are not behind men in any field. Be it office working, security, mountain climbing, or even motorcycling. In fact, the number of female motorcycle riders is increasing at a very fast rate. Just like men, women motorcycle riders also need total protection during their rides. So, there is an increased demand in the production of women's biker apparel.

According to studies, the most vulnerable parts during a motorcycle accident are lower limbs. These are mostly prone to serious injuries. So, there is a need for some trousers or pants that would fit around the legs of the rider and protect them from harsh injuries. That’s why the most important component of women’s biker apparel is Kevlar motorcycle pants.

Kevlar motorcycle pants for women need to be designed differently than men’s motorcycle pants. Yes, we can have unisexual helmets, boots, gloves, and even jackets. But when the question of Kevlar motorcycle pants arises, they need to account for an inherently different design and cut than that of men’s motorcycle pants.

When it comes to the female form from waist down to the claves, most categories of women biker apparel need to have specially designed versions for ladies. In general, women prefer a shorter leg length as compared to men in their Kevlar motorcycle pants due to the fact that they are long-waisted and have shorter legs.

Now coming to Kevlar, the material used in making Kevlar motorcycle pants, it is a strong synthetic material. It has a large number of tightly wound fibers that give it high tensile strength. Commercially, it was first used in Italy in early ’70s as a replacement for steel tires. Now, it is used in the manufacturing of protective sportswear to prevent the athletes from getting serious injuries during accidents.

Kevlar also has its name in the manufacturing of women's biker apparel. It is one of the strongest materials used in motorcycle gear. It has immense strength to weight ratio. So, the Kevlar motorcycle pants are light in weight and exert no extra pressure on the rider. They are also abrasion-resistant, the provide protection against cuts, slashes, punctures.

Kevlar motorcycle pants provide great insulation to the rider. It keeps the rider warm during icy cold winter winds. In summers it also absorbs the moisture produced during sweating so the rider won’t lose his balance due to discomfort. This is a very important factor for women's biker apparel.

Kevlar motorcycle pants are also flame and water-resistant. Due to this property, they protect the rider’s legs from catching on fire in case of oil leakage during an accident. They will also protect the skin from scorching rays sun in summers. Due to water resistance, they will keep the rider’s legs dry in longer rides during heavy rains. This too will help the rider not to lose balance due to discomfort.


In the light of above-mentioned points, it is quite evident that Kevlar motorcycle pants are one of the most important items in the women's biker apparel.

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